why we care

UPDATE: I was originally told by AEP that it is a cell tower. Today (9/12/19) I've been informed by them that it is a radio tower and emits RF. IF THIS IS TRUE, I do feel better about our safety now, but concerns remain. The story that aired on ABC6 was the first mention of a "radio tower". We were originally very concerned about living in such close proximity to a 489 foot cell phone tower and for the health of everyone especially children in the area.

What we said that didn't air:
  1. We discovered that the law doesn't protect Ohioans, because utility companies can place them wherever they want.
  2. We didn't ask AEP not to build it over there. We simply asked them to move it to the back of their property away from the houses.
  3. We realize we live across from a substation, but it is much further back from our homes than this tower will be.
  4. We've met with House Representative Lightbody and asked her to look into changing the law so that this doesn't happen to others.
  5. This radio tower is going to be 489 feet tall and is only being placed 200 feet from homes. It's slightly taller than One Nationwide Tower.
Why we are concerned about the lack of over site:
We have confirmed with my township that no public notice was sent out. Also, the township has jurisdiction over planning and zoning, but has no authority to regulate a public utility. Unfortunately, my township had no say in the placement of this and no warning. The PUCO has no regulatory discretion over cell phone towers. The ORC code 529.211 states we only have to be notified and can legally object if it's a project governed by the township. There's a big gap in the legislation that doesn't protect any Ohioans from utility companies placing these anywhere they want.

If you don't want to live by one of these massive towers, please know if they can do this to us, they could do it to others with the way the current legislation is.

I have spoken with AEP numerous times, and implored them to move it further away from our home. They own acres of land across the street, but say it cannot be relocated. Where it's being placed will affect property value immensely.

AEP is not being a good neighbor. They could find other areas that will not greatly reduce our property values. Please help us by signing the petition to let them know this is wrong, they should move this tower, and never do it to anyone else.