Community Comments

Such projects of this magnitude should not be placed in motion under the vail of night. A public notice should have been sent well in advance and an open forum should have been offered to those in the community. This isn’t a mere substation."

Michael G.

This is outrageous. There seems to be no end to what corporate entities are free to do. I live in the Hoover Reservoir area for the beauty and quiet of nature. To realize that the possibility exists is frustrating. And to have no prior knowledge seems underhanded at best. Rep Lightbody should definitely sponsor legislation as suggested. That is her job. And AEP should have been willing to erect it away from homes. Prior notice and community input. It’s not rocket science."

Kathleen R.

The planning and zoning organization having jurisdiction over this area should have the power to regulate this kind of construction, utility company or not, they should be held to the same regulatory process as any other construction request."

Craig C.

I would have them put it in writing that it is not a tower that emits EMF."

Lisa M.

C’mon AEP, this is not safe for these residents and you absolutely know it. You are becoming known as bad stewards of our lovely neighborhood and don’t seem to care. Do better."

Nancy M

This is so important, and needs to be done. Show that big companies do have a heart! If you wouldn't live next to this, don't expect others to!"

Sarah P.

When will AEP realize that our children come before ANYTHING?!"

Erica P

AEP should be ashamed. It’s not like there isn’t more land in central Ohio where this tower could be placed. They should at least offer to buy your house if they won’t move the tower."

Eleanor B.

"Please let AEP know this is not fair to home owners .""

Rachel D.

"Praying you are victorious!""

Becky M.

"So sad to hear about this! I hope you get enough signatures to get this stopped.""

Alyssa C.

"Be cognizant of the homeowners! You have other land, move it.""

Angela S.

"I'm sorry your family is experiencing this. It's tough to fight the big guys with lined wallets, but I'm glad you are.""

Stacie H.

" least listen to these concerned parents!""

Sally J.

"Just another monumental screw-up where monetary gain outweighs the well-being of the individual.""

Nellie S.

"I vote NO to letting this happen! Why do this to a family when there are many other places to choose from?""

Vicky L.

"Ridiculous they won't move this! NONSENSE!""

Tara I.

"This is horrible and horrific care towards a family. Shame on you AEP!""

Kristy J.

"AEP needs to be more concerned with the well-being of its neighbors. They need to do the right thing.""

Matt F.

"Be respectful. Be responsible.""

Leonard D.

"Move the tower down the road farther away from residential homes.""

Chad P.

"AEP does not care about any of their customers. If we have to depend on AEP to say these towers are safe and they do not emit anything to cause bad health, it's simply not true. I find it very hard to trust AEP.""

Anita C.

"There's plenty of non-residential areas to put a tower!""

Katherine K.

"I too live off Harlem Road. I did not know this was happening. Since we pay AEP out the nose, they should start caring more and buy up a bunch of land to do this the right way so no one is harmed.""

Darci M.

"This should not be placed near humans.""

Irina B.

"AEP does not care about their customers, only about making money. They are not interested in taking care of people at all. Shame on them about this cell tower.""

Terri H.

"I hope AEP cooperates and moves the tower far far away!""

Carina G.

Do not build the tower on Harlem Road!"

Molly S.

Move it!"

Yvonne C.

This is sickening. I have kids too and would be extremely upset. I wish you all the best!"

Meredith D.

Pease move this to way out in the country on 1000 acres or so. It would be much better if people weren’t in harms way. With all AEP charges us, I’m sure they have the money. I don’t buy that they don’t."

Darci M.

You [AEP] need to show some ethical standards and not put these towers right next to people's homes."

Charles V.

I agree this tower should be moved. Why put people in possible danger. I say move the tower to a safer location. It's not worth possibly hurting children, loved ones, our friends, families, neighbors. Make this a win win situation so Everyone is happy in the end."

Sara W.

AEP, put people before profit and protect families by moving the tower."

Laura M.

The placement of the tower will negatively affect so many. Please consider relocating it."

Dawn M.

Please move the tower!"

Mary I.

Be a good neighbor and move this away from my home and family. Thank you."

Mike I.

This absolutely needs to be stopped!"

Lindsay B.

Regardless of loopholes in legislature, AEP should not be able to erect such a tall tower close to private property and a road. They should have purchased more property around the substation."

Amy C.

Citizen's health rights come before corporation's profits."

Paula A.

This is irresponsible and the tower should be moved!"

Lisa M.

Move the tower away from homes."

Malissa W.


Whitney M.

Not safe for kids!"

Lisa T.

Do the right thing, move it!"

John D.

Please reconsider putting this so close to homes!"

Robyn E.

Citizen's health rights come before corporation's profits."

Paula A.

Move the tower!"

Kathleen W.

Democracy before greed!!"

Wanda C.

Seems like an awfully large structure to build in a rural residential area without public input or notice."

Jeff M.

Move the tower away from Family dwellings on/near Harlem Road"

Becky C.

Move the tower for cripes sakes! You have other land. Jerks!"

Stella B.

I'm sure the man in charge of this project would not want a tower and his front yard."

Kerrie M.

The tower can be moved in the same vicinity but farther away from homes. Plenty of acreage out there."

Gregory D.

I know of a patient I had years ago that got a huge settlement fromVerizon Wireless because of a cell tower placed next to their home. They suffered extreme headaches and hair loss."

Tiffany K.Tiffany K.

AEP is making a bad decision"

Chelsea C.

Please move that tower. Did not put something like that so close to children and families."

Lori L.


Shane K.

Move the tower AEP. Show you are compassionate humans & not out for the almighty dollar!"

Nicole M.

Nothing like lowering the value of your home possibly as well."

Tina H.

These towers should NOT be anywhere near anyone's homes"

Carla P.

Needs relocated to a more deserted area."

Jeff T.

Please don't place this tower there."

Laura B.

Nobody would want that in there yard. AEP couldn't find a better spot, sounds like they didn't try hard enough. Ask those people that work at AEP, (You want that in your yard)? I know I wouldn't!"

Kim T.

Consider moving it to a more remote location still within geographic proximity to workers!"

Rachel J.

Do the right thing AEP—you have another option that is the right thing to do for your customers and neighbors. Would also like to petition owners of this substation to plant some pine trees east of it so that those traveling past this property could enjoy something beautiful."

Kathy W.

I saw someone's sign on my way home from work recently and came to the site to check out the issue. It sounds like your ask is not unreasonable and I agree that there should be more oversight on what these companies can do in relation to residential areas. Good Luck!"

Andrea M.